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For passionate individuals who are interested in exploring climate change solutions and circular economy innovations

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Dont just talk climate, its time for action!

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Designed by startup practitioners and experts

Sessions by climate tech startup and circular economy founders

Peer discussions and a network of like-minded people

Self guided courses for climate tech domain knowledge and business landscape

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Create a long-term impact by building a career in the booming climate tech industry

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10+ live session hours


Ideation mentorship support post the course


Sessions by climate tech and circular economy startup founders


Peer-to-peer learning sessions


100% Virtual

Climate Change

Circular Economy


Am I the right fit for this fellowship?

If you are a student, a recent graduate, or a working professional
and are interested in climate tech, renewable energy, circular economy, and sustainability, this fellowship is for you.

Can you elaborate on the different domains in climate tech?

In the climate tech course, we will cover renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy access, clean mobility, and carbon technologies business models. The course will offer allied self-guided courses to build basic domain knowledge.

Can you elaborate on the different domains in circular economy?

In the circular economy course, we will cover waste (plastics, textiles, agriculture, construction, and demolition, etc) management technologies, waste to value (construction materials, packaging, energy), clean alternative materials (clean packaging materials, etc), natural resource management (air, water, soil, etc). The course will offer allied self-guided courses to build basic domain knowledge.

What is the duration of the course ?

1 Month

Will this course fit my schedule? What if i miss a session?

This course is virtual and is designed to offer flexibility. We understand that you may have a busy schedule and the sessions will be generally held in the evenings or on weekends. We encourage all to attend sessions as learnings come with interaction. However, if you can't attend any session, the recording will be uploaded along with all materials and assignments. We will make sure you are on track!

Is financial aid/scholarship/discount provided?

We want our courses to be inclusive. If you are unable to pay at the time, please write to us. We can customize payment plans to include installments and discounts to support some in need.